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Submission Guidelines

Each issue will have a theme, an approach towards social issues that we each face and tackle in our own unique way. An Artist may see things differently than a technical approach, A Satanist differently than a Christian, A Fiction Writer than a pragmatist.  And these are just merely a few examples of the dynamics of the individual.

Acceptable Submissions:







Minimum word count should be 800 words, but this is just a suggestion as there is no limitation on what you feel compelled to contribute.  Grotto Magazine is not concerned with how well you write, but what you have to say.  Editing can polish up your work to make it suitable for the readership.

The zine will remain free and in electronic format until the goal of 50 pages is reached.  At that point it will be ready to go to print and sales will be re-invested into the contributors.

The zine will promote the contributors and each is entitled to a free advertisement.  Additional advertising and sponsorship will become an option when the magazine is ready for resale.

Send your submissions to:

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