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Quarterly Themes

2012 Themes

See Submission Guidelines to contribute.

Spring – An Introduction to the Grotto

The Spring Edition represents a launch of Grotto Magazine and introduces the unique perspectives of those that contribute.

Summer – Group Efforts

What does it take to get a Group Effort going?  What obstacles do we face, and how can we overcome them?  Why do group efforts fall apart?

The Summer Issue approaches the efforts of groups and each contributor offers their perspective on the subject.

Fall – Change

What changes?  How do you enact change?  What does change do?  What changes do you want to see in the world?  What are you personally doing to force the changes you would like to see made manifest?

The Fall Issue approaches the issue of change in many ways and how each contributor tackles change in the world.

Winter – Falling Down

Winter Issue submission deadline:  12/15/12

What does it take to pick yourself back up after a fall?
What motivates you?
Is the Winter season a time to hibernate, or is it an opportunity for introspect and work on those unfinished projects?

Submissions to:

Notes to the Editor

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